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Take the journey to your personal coach empowerment! Update your competencies and skills to help teams and organisations practice good adaptive conservation management and achieve an impact for nature, people, and the overall wellbeing of our planet.

On this page, you can find out how to become a coach, access useful tools and resources, and refresh and enhance your skills and knowledge.

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Become a coach

Being a conservation coach is a responsibility, a mission, and a rewarding occupation. A CCNet Coach leads, mentors and supports conservation project teams to apply the Open Standards process and develop effective conservation strategies and measures of success.

Learn more about you can become a conservation coach by visiting the CCNet Global Become a Coach page.

To find out about upcoming coach trainings and workshops in Europe please visit CCNet Europe’s Events page or the CCNet Global Trainings page.

Improve your skills

Are you looking for experience and additional knowledge? Do you need feedback or coach-to-coach support? No matter if you are a beginner or an advanced coach, we all strive to improve, and this section is designed to help you further develop your skills.

  • Every good coach knows that the important first step is to recognise your current abilities and competencies. Doing a specialised self-assessment will help you understand better your own skills and help you understand your own professional development needs and growth goals.
  • To upgrade your coach toolbox, or if you simply need more information and guidance on a particular topic, visit the Upgrade your Toolbox section below.
  • Become a part of the Miradi community and access tutorials and webinars to keep you up to date with the latest Open Standards software developments.

If you would like a different type of support, to ask a question, or to enquire about a buddy coach, please email us ( we will try our best to respond to your request promptly.

Coach certification

Go one step further and become a certified coach! The Coach Certification Program, developed by CCNet Global, provides an opportunity for experienced conservation coaches to be recognised, acknowledging they have achieved various levels of coaching proficiency.

Visit the CCNet Global Coach Certification page to learn more and apply to become a certified Conservation Coach!

Upgrade your toolbox

Stay up to date with the latest key guidance materials and get to know the many valuable resources you can access and upgrade your coach toolbox! CCNet and partner organisations maintain a variety of resources to support coaches in the use of the Open Standards. Most of the fundamental resources are structured in the Coaches Notebook that is provided to new coaches during training.

  • Go to the Open Standards website to find Guidance, Tools & Materials as well as real-world Examples.
  • Check out CCNet Global website for a variety of practical Coach Resources to support you in coaching and implementing OS.
  • Look through the Foundations of Success Resources Library for key insights, how-to guidance, and other useful Open Standards publications.
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