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CCNet Europe regularly holds events throughout Europe with the purpose of building coach capacity and providing an opportunity for the network to meet and share learning. Check this page regularly to find out about upcoming events or to browse past events.

Upcoming events:

Peer review Georgia

Multi-Team Workshop #10

22/03/20 – 27/03/20
Tetovo, North Macedonia
CCNet Europe and EuroNature are excited to announce an upcoming multi-team workshop welcoming 5 teams from across Europe working on some of the most important conservation topics on the continent such as large carnivore management, migratory birds, wetlands and hydropower. More than 40 conservation practitioners and scientists will have the chance to learn how the Open Standards are applied, plan their actions together and exchange. The workshop is organized with the support of the Macedonian Ecological Society in Tetovo, at the border junction of North Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo and at the foothills of the beautiful Shar Mountains.

CCNet Global Rally

17/05/20 – 21/05/20
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Every two years we come together to connect, share innovations, sharpen our skills, and uplift our spirits to support conservation practitioners to do better, smarter conservation all around the world. Recognising the great work and growth in the use of the Open Standards and Healthy Country Planning in Canada, our board has decided to host our next global gathering in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada!

Past events:

Group photo MTW Jersey 2019

Multi-Team Workshop #9

20/10/19 – 25/11/19
Jersey Zoo, Jersey, Channel Islands
Hosted by Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust
18 participants and 8 coaches met on the beautiful island of Jersey in the Channel Islands during October to participate in a Multi-Team Workshop at Jersey Zoo. Hosted by Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, two teams worked on real-life projects including the Mujib Basin, Jordan and the Ploughshare Tortoise, Madagascar. The third team practised the tools of the Open Standards using a case study from Durrell’s work in Manas National Park, India.

CCNet Europe Coaches Rally

05/04/19 – 07/04/19
Vålådalen, Sweden
Hosted by Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
Beautiful Vålådalen in Sweden welcomed 32 participants from 14 countries across Europe and beyond at this Rally. The event offered numerous opportunities for coaches to meet and gain valuable insights into recent developments in using the Open Standards in practice and celebrating our network.

Conservation Coach Training

31/03/19 – 05/04/19
Vålådalen, Sweden
Hosted by Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
A group of 18 coaches and 3 trainers joined together for a week of shared learning, practice, facilitation and soul searching on what being a coach means. Coaches came from Europe, Russia, Mongolia, the US and Chile. Energy levels were high and all of us left with our batteries charged! A big thank you to CCNet Global, SEPA and all the volunteer coaches for making this event possible.

Global CCNet Rally

30/04/18 – 03/05/18
Leura, Australia
The seventh CCNet Rally saw 127 participants from 48 different institutions and 26 countries meet to learn and exchange experiences in the heart of Australia’s Blue Mountains National Park, a World Heritage site known for its remarkable biodiversity and cultural values.

Multi-Team Workshop #8

16/04/18 – 20/04/18
Tbilisi, Georgia
Hosted by Ilia State University
The 8th Multi-Team Workshop was cohosted by Ilia State University in Ikalto, Kakheti Region, Georgia. The event was attended by five teams with 40 participants supported by 12 coaches and coaches-in-training.

CCNet Europe Coaches Rally

10/11/17 – 12/11/17
Son, Lleida, Spain
Hosted by Fundació Catalunya la Pedrera
We kicked off this event by celebrating our 10th anniversary and holding our first General Assembly. A total of 36 coaches attended rally sessions around climate change and human wellbeing, scaling up to programs, going full-cycle, and integrating spatial planning.

Conservation Coach Training

06/11/17 – 10/11/17
Son, Lleida, Spain
Hosted by Fundació Catalunya la Pedrera
Early in November, a group of 26 coaches and trainers met in the Pyrenees at MónNatura Pirineus to learn, practice, and improve the way they help teams with the Open Standards. Reviews of the training were very positive, and there was even some snow for everyone to enjoy!

Multi-Team Workshop #7

07/11/16 – 11/11/16
Nature Park Medvednica, Croatia
Association BIOM
A total of 48 participants from 12 countries were trained in the use of the Open Standards by a team of 14 trainers, coaches, and coaches-in-training. In six teams, the participants worked on projects such as the Neretva Delta, the Ulcinj Saline and the conservation of the Balkan terrapin.

Global CCNet Rally

29/09/15 – 01/10/15
Món Sant Benet, Barcelona, Spain
Fundació Catalunya la Pedrera
A total of 136 participants representing 39 institutions across 35 different countries joined together for the sixth global rally. The programme included: plenary events; workshops to hone existing and new skills; working group sessions; and unstructured time to foster networking.

Multi-Team Workshop #6

02/02/15 – 06/02/15
Isle of Vilm, Germany
Federal Agency for Nature Conservation & WWF Germany
During this Multi-Team Workshop at the Isle of Vilm in the Baltic Sea, 33 participants were trained in the Open Standards. They were supported by 13 coaches from CCNet Europe.

CCNet Europe Coaches Rally

26/10/13 – 27/10/13
Ribaritsa, Bulgaria
Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation
A total of 34 participants attended the 2nd European Coaches Rally in Ribaritsa to share experiences, build capacities and to strengthen and celebrate our network.

Multi-Team Workshop #5

21/10/13 – 25/10/13
Ribaritsa, Bulgaria
Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation
A team of 10 trainers, coaches and coaches-in-training introduced 33 participants to the Open Standards. The four teams worked on conservation projects in Bulgaria, Turkey and the Balkan region.

Conservation Coaches Training

21/10/13 – 25/10/13
Apriltsi, Bulgaria
Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation
The first New Coach Training on European ground had 13 participants from Europe and beyond and was led by a great team of trainers.

Global CCNet Rally

28/04/13 – 02/05/13
Pine Mountain, Georgia
At the 2013 Coaches Rally, 137 participants from 47 government agencies, indigenous land management agencies, foundations, non-profits, academic institutions, and several independent consulting firms mingled to learn, connect, and celebrate.

Beefing up your facilitation skills

08/11/12 – 09/11/12
Weesp, Netherlands
During this 2-day workshop, 12 participants learned about and practised tools to improve facilitation skills and creative techniques to come up with new ideas and problem solutions.

CCNet Europe Coaches Rally

25/11/11 – 27/11/11
Deltebre, Spain
Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera
Following the Multi-Team Workshop, 22 coaches (including representatives from CCNet coordinating team, TNC and WWF) joined in the first European Rally. Together, we learned about the global network and the work in Europe and made plans for better collaboration.

Multi-Team Workshop #4

20/11/11 – 25/11/11
Deltebre, Spain
Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera
In this mega event, a team of 19 trainers, coaches and coaches-in-training introduced 37 participants to the Open Standards.
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