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CCNet Europe is a voluntary network of individuals who are passionate about strengthening conservation in Europe through adaptive management. We are continually expanding and welcoming new members, so if you are interested in joining our CCNet Europe community, please email us!

Our Vision

The European conservation community is achieving conservation success through evidence based adaptive management.

Our Mission

As a network of coaches, we collaborate and support each other through training, the creation of opportunities for practice, mentoring, buddying, as well as sharing innovations and lessons learned to:

  • Raise awareness among the wider conservation community about the principles and benefits of adaptive conservation management,
  • Increase the effectiveness of teams working in nature conservation,  
  • Advance adaptive conservation management tools, methods, and approaches,
  • Improve our own skills and competencies constantly in a life-long learning effort.

Read more about CCNet Europe and our core strategies in our Strategic Plan.

Click here to view our Annual Reports: 2016 / 2017 / 2018

Since establishing in 2010, CCNet has grown to include:


Using a common language

Because all coaches and practitioners within CCNet follow the common language of the CMP Open Standards, we can capture, communicate, learn and share which conservation strategies are effective worldwide. The CMP Open Standards provide a framework to help practitioners be systematic about planning, implementing, and monitoring their conservation initiatives so we can learn what works, what does not work, and why — and ultimately adapt and improve our efforts. Through CCNet, coaches are linked and regularly connecting with each other, ensuring that knowledge is shared across organisations, countries and continents.

CCNet Europe was established in 2010 and is a regional franchise of the Global Conservation Coaches Network. This international network aims to improve conservation by empowering people to develop, implement, evaluate, adapt and share effective strategies that achieve tangible conservation results benefiting both people and nature all over the world.

CCNet Europe coaches represent diverse actors in conservation:


How we are organised

CCNet Europe is a membership-based association registered in Germany, and is governed through three main bodies.

The General Assembly meets at least once a year and is the supreme decision-making body of the Association. It is responsible of all duties and activities, approves strategies, functioning and reports to the authorities on the legal side.

The Core Team consists of a group of coaches responsible for operationalising the strategic plan of the Association. It is the Executive team and proposes actions, makes decisions and implements the core functions and activities of the Association.

The Board is a smaller group of coaches responsible for the day to day functioning of the Association. It serves both as the legal representing body of the Association and as the catalyst to ensure we develop our activities and reach our goals and objectives.

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