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Country: Switzerland
Originally from: France
Organisation: MAVA Foundation
Job title: Manager
Email: julien.semelin[at]
Languages: French, English

Experience with Open Standards:

Training received:

  • 2011: Participant Multi-Team workshop (Senegal)
  • 2012: Coach-in-Training Multi-Team Workshop (Senegal)
  • 2017: Participant Coach training (Spain)
  • 2017: Participant European Rally (Spain)

Training provided:

  • 2016: Master GILE – 3 days course on OS (University of Corsica)
  • 2017: Master GILE – 3 days course on OS (University of Corsica)

Experience in applying / coaching:

  • 2012: Development of Alcyon project (seabirds conservation project in West Africa)
  • 2015-current: Applying OS to MAVA 2016-2022 Strategy

Additional Relevant Experience:

  • Julien’s special strength is applying OS at programme/foundation level
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