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Country: The Netherlands
Originally from: The Netherlands
Organisation: FOS Europe
Job title: Co-Director
Email: ilke[at]
Languages: Dutch, English, French

Certified Coach

Experience with Open Standards:

Training received:

  • 2006 First Conservation Action Planning (CAP) Course (Italy)
  • 2008: Attended the Global Coaches Rally in Oregon (United States)
  • 2013: Attended the Global Coaches Rally in Atlanta (United States)
  • 2013: Attended the European Coach Rally in Ribaritsa (Bulgaria)
  • 2015: Attended the Global Coaches Rally and EU Rally in Mon Sant Benet (Spain)
  • 2017: Attended the European Coaches Rally in MonNatura Pirineus (Spain)
  • 2007-ongoing: Over 10 years of work with FOS in which we had countless retreats, lab and staff meetings that served as training for me with relevant sessions on application of, development of and training in the OS. I realise that this does not count as a formally registered training, but for my development these sessions have been most valuable.

Training provided:

  • 2007-2016: Many different Multi Team workshops with & without CCNet – always as part of a team of wonderful coaches and often in the role of lead trainer.
  • 2017: 3-hour Speed Session for the Swedish Environmental Agency and the County Administration Boards on “Managing for Impact” (Sweden)
  • 2017: 4-day introductory course in the Open Standards for WWT staff (United Kingdom)
  • 2017: 1-day course for WWF staff about the integration of Climate Change considerations into conservation projects
  • 2017: Sessions during the CCNet Europe rally in Spain on: (1) Building project-to-programme logic; and (2) learning & adaptation (Spain)
  • 2017-2018: Various short applied training sessions for Birdlife Netherlands staff on: (1) the development of a Theory of Change; (2) Using the Theory of Change for evaluating your current programme; (3) Programme planning using the Open Standards (The Netherlands)
  • 2018: Various 2- to 3-day trainings for MAVA partnerships in the Mediterranean and West Africa on: (1) Development of a Theory of Change”; (2) Development and use of a scorecard to track progress and effectiveness; (3) Using scorecards and Theories of Change to go full cycle.

Experience in applying / coaching:

  • Ilke was one of the first coaches to be certified by CCNet as a Master Coach in 2018.
  • Ilke has been with FOS since 2007. At the very core of FOS’s mission is “Adaptive Management” which means that much of the work done during the past years would qualify as relevant experience. Ilke describes her experience here:
  • I have provided many organisations with training, coaching, and facilitation – helping conservation teams define clear conservation goals, determine which strategies will lead to success, and implement practical projects and systems. Providing training and coaching in methods and tools for measuring impact so that teams can learn what’s working and adapt their tactics accordingly. (Examples include WWF branches, MAVA, PRCM, Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, Axios Delta Authority, Swedish Agency for Water and Marine Management)
  • I have contributed to the development of Frameworks & Tools – intellectually rigorous yet user-friendly frameworks and tools to overcome the practical hurdles of planning and monitoring conservation projects. (e.g. Human wellbeing Guidance; miradi development; Open Standards updates, scorecards)
  • I have facilitate multi-partner collaboration – convening conservation practitioners, donors, and educators and contributing to the creation of vibrant learning communities. Typically, I help these communities develop and promote common frameworks to catalyse cross-project sharing and learning. (e.g. work in the Dutch Waddenzee, CCNET & CCNET Europe, the CMP and MAVA)

Other OS-related activities:

  • 2008-2017: Founding CCNet Europe (Co-)Leader
  • 2008-2017: Member of Board of CCNet Global
  • 2018-ongoing Part of group piloting Coach Certification

Additional Relevant Experience:

  • Ilke is a true generalist, but seems to have acquired a special taste for the Marine realm. She takes sincere pleasure in the facilitation of multi-stakeholder dialogues – in particular for conflicting processes or processes that have been stuck. Ilke thoroughly enjoy learning from and sharing knowledge with talented, mission-driven people, among whom my fellow coaches. She pretty easily creates tailor made processes, tools, methods that work in particular circumstances, for particular teams.
  • Ilke finds inspiration from combining OS with other planning & management tools (like spatial tools, mutual gains approach).
  • Ilke is keen to gain more experience in high impact processes that require creative tools and lots of serious thinking!
  • Ilke says she is a big fan of CCNet  and is blown away by our collective generous efforts to improve conservation.
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