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Country: The Netherlands 
Originally from: Peru & The Netherlands
Organisation: WWF Netherlands
Job title: Senior Advisor
Email: hkoster[at]
Languages: Dutch, Spanish, English, Portuñol

Experience with Open Standards:

Training received:

  • 2010: Coach-in-training & facilitation skills (FOS Argentina)
  • 2013: Participant European Rally (CCNET Bulgaria)
  • 2015: Participant Global Rally (CCNET Spain)

Training provided:

  • 2011: Training of 2 advisors of WWF (Netherlands)
  • 2012: Online Training of 4 advisors of WWF (International)
  • 2013: Online Training of 15 advisors of WWF (Brazil)
  • 2015: Training of 4 advisors of WWF (Netherlands)

Experience in applying / coaching:

  • 2010: Facilitating Atlantic Forests Ecoregional Programme (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay)
  • 2011: Facilitating Cerrado-Pantanal Ecoregional Programme (Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay)
  • 2011: Facilitating Amazon Programme (Brazil)
  • 2012: Facilitating the Guiana Shield Ecoregional Programme (Guyana, Suriname, French Guyana)
  • 2013: Coach the development of WWF Brazil Conservation Strategy (Brazil)
  • 2014: Facilitating the Northern Amazon Ecoregional Programme (Colombia, Ecuador)
  • 2015: Evaluation of WWF Food & Agriculture Initiative (Brazil)
  • 2016: Coach the development of WWF Forests & Freshwater Initiative (Brazil)

Other OS-related activities:

  • 2015: Testing the human well-being in OS module
  • 2016: Testing the climate adaptation in OS module (in development)
  • 2017: Testing the landscape approach in OS module (in development)

Additional Relevant Experience:

  • Special strength: Wicked and complex programmes that involve multi-stakeholders
  • Harko is active in capacity building, research, learning and sharing
  • Harko studied Biology and specialised in Animal Ecology and Spatial Planning, and is interested in protected areas and integrated landscape management
  • He has worked for DHV Consultants and SNV Netherlands Development Organization in Kenya, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Albania and for the last 8 years working at WWF Netherlands as Latin America Coordinator
  • Harko is looking to become a Trainer of OS Trainers
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