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Country: Switzerland
Originally from: Switzerland
Organisation: Aposphere GmbH
Job title: Managing Director Aposphere
Email: conservation[at]
Languages: German, French, English

Experience with Open Standards:

Training received:

  • Participant, Coach-in-Training and Coach in Multi Team Workshops

Training provided:

  • Coach-in-Training and Coach as an employee of WWF and within the WWF Network

Experience in applying / coaching:

  • Training of regular OS-Workshops for WWF Programmes
  • Training of Management Staff (Workshop/bilateral coaching) on all managerial hierarchies on OS/RBM
  • Managerial facilitation of OS/RBM integration into working culture of large NGOs
  • Expert in Systems-based application of integrated OS/RBM for larger organisations (conservation & finance)

Other OS-related activities:

  • Nico is on a mission to provide state of the art intuitive and collaborative systems to sustain and foster the Results Based Management (RBM/OS) working culture for individuals and across organisations alike!

Additional Relevant Experience:

  • Special strength: Coaching of Management Level Staff in the concepts of OS/RBM at the organisational level and systems development to sustain OS/RBM working culture in international organisations
  • Nico is particularly interested in coaching of OS/RBM-working culture adoption process for management in (international) organisations and coaching/consulting for OS/RBM-Systems approaches in organisations
  • Nico is the Founder & Managing Director APOSPHERE – providing Adaptive Planning and Operationalisation Systems for Organisations
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